Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hey, I Made Gyaru Secrets!

So this week as always, I checked GS when it was posted (guilty pleasure, can't be helped *shrug*) and I was surprised to see a picture of me on there!

It's not a negative secret in the least (at least I'm not offended), whoever posted it called my make style (my old make style) "lazy" -- and it was. I have on multiple occasions called my everyday style 'lazy gyaru,' because let's face it: I don't always have the time to supergal it up while chasing around a toddler. Is that an excuse? No. I'll make no excuses - I am lazy. As fuck. And sometimes my make style reflects that. However, in the past few weeks I have been making sure to take the time to work on my hair and make in the morning, even when I'm feeling lazy.

I've been in super bum mode this week so I don't have any new pictures to offer, but I was planning on doing a "watch me as I put on my make in fast forward" video soon, so I'll post that when I make it.

Oh and to anon that called me pretty: thanks doll :) I do appreciate that.

All I have left to say in this post is Stay Classy, internet. I'm Ron Burgundy, good night.


  1. You shouldn't take it as negative, because gyaru or not, the makeup style you did in that picture looks good on you :)

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