Monday, February 20, 2012

Mobile Monday: PocketManga aka ManGO

I'm starting a new series that I'm calling "Mobile Monday," where I'll talk about smartphone apps and stuff that I like.

I personally have an Android, so it'll be about apps that are found on the Google Android Market, and if they're available on other OS's, I'll be sure to make note of that too.

Today's Mobile Monday will be about PocketManga by Leetsoft!

Do you like reading Manga? Do you wish you could have digital copies of all your favorites right at your fingertips? Well, of course you do! That's where PocketManga, formerly known as ManGo comes in! PocketManga is a manga reader application for smartphones. Its servers enable you to connect to some of the most well-known manga websites - MangaFox, MangaStream, and SubManga, to name a few - and read your favorite titles right on your device in a user-friendly way.
Says the Leetsoft website:
"Mango is a free manga (Japanese comics) reader app for Android and BlackBerry. Mango lets you read any title from the huge library of translated manga available over at,, and right through your phone's 3G or WiFi internet connection. Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Vampire Knight, D.Gray-man, Air Gear, and many, many more titles can be read from anywhere --at school, on the bus, waiting in line, and with the new offline reading feature, even on a plane! Mango is free to download and is packed with tons of nifty features to make reading manga on smaller screens more enjoyable, including page auto-resizing, preloading, multitouch zoom, touchscreen/keyboard controls, a robust bookmarking system, and lots more, making the Mango manga reader app the best way to read manga on your smartphone."

Here are some screenshots I took of the UI:

Here is the icon on my secondary home screen. It's the one to the far left.

This is the "Main screen" of the application. The top has the version number and name "Orihime." This is the free ad-supported version of the app. The paid/donation ad-free version is called "Bankai."

The "Browse Manga" subsection. As you can see, there are many sources to choose from. The little 'i ' buttons are the info tabs. Tapping them gives you information about each source.

This is the My Library page. It shows all the files I have saved to my SD card.

The History tab shows what was last read. As you can see, it's been a few weeks // A //

The Settings and Preferences tab. We'll take a closer look at "Notification Preferences" in just a minute.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Favorites tab. Here, PocketManga stores information about your favorite titles. You have the option to tag your faves with tags such as "reading," "plan to read," "finished," and "weekly releases." The options at the top are filters and a search bar.

As you can see, I like shoujou manga ;;^ v ^
Notice that No.6 is highlighted in green. Why, you ask? Because I have a notification set that will automatically check for new chapters, download them if available, and then notify me of them. Pretty nifty, eh?

Here's the notification settings screen, where you can customize the frequency that PoMa checks for new manga, and other things.

Overall, I love this app. It runs smoothly, the Dev is super nice and really takes what his fans say into consideration. I give it a 5/5 on the rating scale.

PocketManga is available for both Android and Blackberry, but is not available for iPhone or Windows Phone at the present time. There is both a free and donation version, which is $4.99 USD. It's not available on the Google Android Market any longer, but it is still available for download on the Leetsoft website here.

Hope you enjoyed this week's Mobile Monday, and stay tuned for what else this week has in store * v *

ではまたすぐに ね,

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