Monday, March 19, 2012

Random Spring Inspiration

Let me start this off first by saying: I now have 10 followers! Yay!

That means only 490 left until I can get sponsored by PinkyParadise!  Hahahahahahahahahahahahah aaaah. No, really though >.<

Also, I have nothing substantial to blog about right now. I went shopping today and I'll post my gets tomorrow when I take pictures of them, so for now enjoy my random spring/summer inspiration.

Shizuka Takeda

She is so cute and I love her short hair, makeup, and onee style.

I hate how a lot of gals can wink and look so cute doing it. When I wink, I look like a damn fool.

Free People
Free People is one of my favorite western brands. I'm a raging bohemian hippy at heart, so this hits me right where I need it. Sadly, FP is SO.DAMN.EXPENSIVE, so I don't own any :( I try to emulate their "vibe" as much as I can with what I have, though.

This bag. OMGAH. AND IT'S TURQUOISE. Turquoise is my favorite color/stone.

I will rock the SHIT out of that bikini once I lose like 10lbs.

 Black + Colorful Accessories
Black is my new favorite shade. I love the idea of all black paired with rustic-looking jewelery and accessories in turquoise and coral and other jewel tones.

Welll...that's it for now. Hope you all enjoyed my picturespam! I'll update tomorrow with my gets and possibly an outfit/makeup post!

Type to you later, dolls!

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  1. Ooooo Shizuka is so beautiful *_* ♥

    O: Can't wait to see your coords, Melissa. Those items look very onee on their own already haha!