Saturday, April 21, 2012

[HOW TO]Register for CodeNote.JP

is a website based in Japan where you post pictures of your daily 'codes,' or coordinates. The website is entirely in Japanese, and you can only register from your smartphone (Android & iPhone apps are available) and I decided to make a handy tutorial on how to register. It's a bit tricky, especially if you don't speak Japanese, and hopefully this will help a couple people out so they don't have to go back and forth between Google Translate and the CodeNote website on their mobile browsers >_< (Like I had to do for some things, my Japanese is pretty rusty).

First, go to the CodeNote website using your mobile web browser, and click on the My Page link.

It will take you to the Login page. Click the yellow button to register.

The link will take you to your Email application, and click the 'send' button. You're requesting a registration link.

When you receive this email from CodeNote, click on the link in the body of the email and it will take you to their registration page.

(last 2 sections are "dress size" & "occupation")

Fill these out accordingly. For the location section, just pick a random location if you can't read Japanese (LOL). I chose Tokyo
*For the date of birth section, I actually entered my information wrong and had to go back and correct it. Don't use any characters, only numbers in YYYYMMDD format. My birthday is Apr. 23, 1990, so I entered my birthday as 19900423.

Occupation list (Starting from the top):
-Please Select-
Public High school student/pupil
Prep school student
Vocational (trade) school student
Health school student (like nursing, etc.)
Beauty Department 
System sales and service
Public official
Sales and planning
Freeter (no job, occasionally posing for magazine street snaps)

Then, all that's left is to click the green submit button at the bottom, and you're all registered! The next page should have 3 text boxes, and those are for favorite brands, favorite shopping areas, and favorite magazines, respectively.

All that's really left to do is to play around with it to get a feel for it, and post some coords up! Once I get a hang of it more, myself, I'll post a navigational tutorial but until then, happy CodeNoting!

~ Melissa


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  2. [ I deleted my previous comment D: sorry ]
    How do you post your codes to codenote?

  3. Thank you for the post! Very helpful but I wonder if changed the registration a bit or something since April. I used QR app that redirected me somewhere else that didn't look like your screenshots but I thought that it might be mobile version of the site and that's why it looked different. There was a big grey button with for requesting member link and after that everything was again just like you described.
    Another thing, about occupation list translations. I have some remarks if you don't mind :)
    option #1 中学生・小学 is more like elementary/middle school students (ages 6-7 to 14-15)
    #2 is not jest prep schools in European/North American understanding but just high school students in general (15-18 y.o)
    #4 大学生・院生 is just undergraduate/graduate student, not neccessarily medical school
    Hope it would help a bit!

    1. Oh thank you! My Japanese is not very good sadly, so I kind of just used Google to translate, ehehe~ ^.^;

    2. I couldn't register yet though:( It keeps saying that they are overcrowded :( I tried again today but still getting the same message! I actually started worrying if it is because I am from overseas (there is no option to choose foreign countries or anything like that when registering). But on the other hand they added one click Facebook log in (which I didn't notice at first), so I hope they are really just overcrowded. It happens to Twitter all the time, right? :)

      Registered on Chictopia today, but I kinda feel uncomfortable - everybody seems to be professional there (blogger, model, photographer...)So their looks are professional as well. Not part-time hobby. I didn't get it all just yet but right now I feel awkward there among those glance girls posing for prof. cameras. Hope there is at least a segment that is a bit simplier.

      Codenote won my heart with its cosiness of mirror self-shoots and all. I hope I'll eventually get a chance to register there! But I kinda want even more something like codenote but in English ^_^ Do you have any idea if such place exists?

  4. This was very helpful! Could you perhaps make a post on how to post your codes.

    1. Thank you :) I aim to be helpful, ahah. And yeah, I'll post one once I get it all ironed out!

  5. I hope you don't mind me posting this here, Melissa, but I've written a tutorial for 'how to post your coord to Code Note' (and linked to this tutorial at the top hehe)!

    I also recently did a quick tutorial on saving and re-opening draft codes!

    What's your username? I'd love to see your codes. :) Here's mine:

  6. oh no problem! my username is mitsubachii

  7. how do you delete an account on codenote?