Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[REVIEW] ♥ Dueba Puffy 3-Tones in Violet on Green Eyes

I'm aware of the current "controversy" surrounding Dueba lenses at the moment and I just want to say CALM YO TITS, FOO! All circle lenses bought from overseas have the potential to be fake or defective. ALL OF THEM. This is because, unlike in Asia where you can buy them from your optician's office, we have to order them from a 3rd-party supplier. The best thing we can do as circle lens wearers is to throw out our lenses if they cause us discomfort, go past their expiration date, or just generally seem fishy to us. I love circle lenses, and I'm sure you do too. We don't need this negative publicity to expand so large that it makes them illegal in the US or wherever else you're from. PSA over, now onto my review.

top left; in the vials
top right; the vials themselves
bottom; inside their case, left is "right side up," right is "upside down"

I ordered these lenses from TheDollyEye (can't beat the price -shrugs-) on Saturday, March 27th at almost midnight, and they arrived exactly 2 business weeks later on Monday,  April 2nd. Fast shipping considering the fact that it was shipped via Registered Mail from Malaysia, and went through customs and all that jazz. The envelope was a little beat up when I got it, but my package inside was secured by a wrap job of packing tape surrounding a newspaper ad for Ralph Lauren perfume, LOL. The customs slip said that my package was declared as "eyelashers" (cute broken english). Inside were my vials containing the lenses, along with a free BB cream by La SkinBase. Luckily I am white as fuck, so it matches my skintone. I actually like it a lot. BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT THIS REVIEW IS ABOUT.

Anyway, I checked everything over, no leaks or cracks in the vials, the safety seal was untouched, they were in the correct perscription, the back said they were made in Korea, etc. I opened them and put them in their new case with some solution and I soaked them for 4 hours before trying them on because I am impatient. Since receiving them, I've worn them 6 times for extended periods of time (4+ hours).

(crummy makeup = end of the day)
top; no lenses
middle; one in
bottom; both in

The color is amazing. At a pale violet, it's natural enough to not cause a ton of attention, but striking enough to still be entriguing.

Like I said above, amazing color and pattern, I just wish the keyhole was a bit smaller so that less of my natural green shows through. When it's super bright and my pupils get all small, it just looks like I'm high, lol.

Even though 14.5mm isn't a big deal for some, I have tiny eyes (I even get halos from certain 14.0mm lenses) so 14.5mm offers the perfect amount of enlargement for me. I don't bother with 15mm, I might as well just get scleral lenses, there's so little white left in my eye after I put them in.

They're super comfortable for me. I almost forget I'm wearing them. I knocked off a half star because I have an astigmatism, so I can feel the lenses every once and a while. That's my fault for not buying torics, though, so I wont complain about that. I normally put in eyedrops about 3 hours into wearing lenses just as a precaution, but I forgot my drops the other day when I went out and wore them for 8ish hours and my eyes weren't irritated or dry at all.

$15 + free shipping for a pair of lenses and a full sized BB cream!? YES PLEASE! I'm definitely going to be using TDE more often for lens purchases (especially if I get a BB with each purchase xD)

left; heavy makeup
top right; light makeup
bottom right; no makeup

Thanks for reading my review, see you next time!


  1. The color is gorgeous and they look lovely on you! The controversies can be quite scary but i agree with you:) All we can do is buy the lenses and make sure there okay:)

  2. As the consumer, the job of final Quality Control goes to us. Nobody can tell whether a lens is good or bad as well as the user can when they put it in their eye.

    I think I'll try TDE for my next purchase, especially since I LOVE BB Cream: I go crazy for the stuff. Throw in well-priced lenses on top of that and you've got me sold!

    Onto the topic at hand, these lenses are really pretty on you. I think you look great in violet eyes! I want to try violet eyes now. X)

  3. These look absolutely gorgeous on you!! Currently I'm only wanting to wear more natural coloured circle lenses like brown or black but these are so cute, makes me want to by them!!

    Thanks for the helpful review!!