Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[TUTORIAL] ♥ Custom-making Your Own False Eyelashes

Hey everyone! コンバンワヽ(○・▽・○)ノ゛

I still need to get that circle lens review up, but in the meantime I have a tutorial for you~
Earlier today in the Gaijin Gyaru Facebook community, 2 girls asked me questions about my false lashes.
One girl asked me what brand I use because they make my eyes look "super dolly" (Author's note: thank you! ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ ). I told her that I custom make my eyelashes, and then another girl asked me how I do it, and since my old pair is horribly ratty and needed to be replaced anyway, I decided to make a tutorial of it.

How to Make Your Own Custom False Lashes
By Melissa

+ A work station. I used a plate, haha.

Step 1: Take one of the thinner lashes off of it's tray and place it on your work station.
Step 2 (optional): Measure the lash to your eye. Snip off and discard excess. Most gals don't like to do this, but I do.
You now have your "base lash"
Step 3: Take one of the thick spiky lashes off it's tray and place on your work station.
Step 4: Determine how much of the lash you want to add to the base ( I used 5 "points") and cut them off of the end. Save the remainder, you can use that later.
You now have your "accent lash." 

Step 5: Pick up the accent lash with your tweezers.
Step 6: Place the accent on the base, near the end.
*FOR CLARIFICATION ON THIS STEP: place the accent on top of the base, like you were doubling up a pair of lashes.*
Pick up entire lash with tweezers, and with your free hand, pinch the bands so they stay together. The adhesive from the trays should keep them together just fine, no glue needed. Set finished lash back on the tray and repeat the steps for the second eyelash.

This is what they look like worn:
*taken wearing old lashes, but theyre the exact same thing*

Et voilà, your very own set of custom made eyelashes! This is just one way to do it, feel free to try it another way to achieve different results.

I'm definitely going to get the review of my Puffy 3-Tones Violet circle lenses by Dueba up next.

Until then, stay classy and happy eyelash-making, dolls!

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  1. Question question! I am checking this out and my friend is wondering: how are you supposed to put the lashed back together if you cut them off the band? Do you glue them on or something? We're both pretty confused here ヽ(@ A @;;)ノ

  2. OH I guess I wasn't too clear on that part. You layer it on TOP of the base lash, -like you would if you were doubling up a pair of lashes- not stick it on the end. I see how that came across as confusing
    i'll def add that in the post now xP

    1. Oooooo thank you for clearing that up! (°u°) Friend says "THANK YOU SO MUCH. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR LASHES"

  3. This is how i customize my lashes<3 These lashes are lovely!

  4. Oh wow! I never thought of that! Also, I love Puffy Three Tones Violet. They look really nice on your eyes. My pair of them is going to expire soon. Not sure when, though. u n u But thank you, I might make my own custom pair, soon~