Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I got some gets!

I got a package today! 
It contained my circle lenses that I won in Noxin's giveaway (which was sponsored by LensVillage)!

I was super stoked to get these lenses and the service was really speedy! It only took 1.5 weeks to get here!


Vials and cases and shiiit
GEO Medical Xtra Flower Bonaire Grey
TDE DizonEye (aka Seeshell Cosmo) Blue

Aaaaaaand as a little sneaky-peek before my reviews, here's a picture of my eyeball wearing a DizonEye Blue :3

Aren't they stunning? I'm obsessed!

I'm incredibly happy with my choice of lenses, they're both beautiful in their own different ways, and add a very unique and intriguing effect to my eyes. Once again, Thank you Noxin, and thank you LensVillage for these awesome lenses! I love them! I am having a hard time choosing which one I like more, teehee~

I'll be back with both lens reviews this week, plus some makeup gets and such. I might make a video review, what do all 21 of you think? Good idea? I warn you, I'm incredibly awkward and fidgety on camera 

anywhooo, talk to you all later!



  1. yewhbviufedskb your eeeeeyyeeeee viukfevjfikjdbkvfekdmb :l You're so lucky for winning, :'D I have shitty luck when it comes to contests XD

  2. Those Dizon Eyes look amazing on youuuu!