Monday, June 4, 2012

[REVIEW] DollyEye Dizon Eye Blue on GREEN EYES

It's been almost a week since I got my lenses in the mail, and I have been alternating wearing them every day since so that I could be sure to provide an honest review on them for you guys, and here one is!
First up, I am going to talk about the DollyEye Dizon Eye (Aka Hana SPC Dizon Eye or Seeshell Cosmo) in Blue.

Stock Photo
Brand: DollyEye
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 5yr shelf life, 1 year disposal once opened

one in, one out. the enlargement is definitely noticeable.

4/5 stars
Being 14.5mm, they do enlarge a good amount - the perfect amount for me, actually. However, they're not the biggest lenses that you can buy with 14.8mm and 15mm lenses (not of this type, JIC anyone misconstrued that) being available and popular. The black limbal ring also helps with the enlarging effect.

both in, up close

These lenses are SO. COMFORTABLE! Seriously, I can't even feel them in, and I was wearing the left one inside-out for the first 3 hours, and only noticed when I looked in the mirror and saw that the color was a tad different on my left one, when I first wore them, LOL! The lenses themselves are super thin, so I have been taking extra good care of them to be sure that they don't tear or anything.

Ohmyglob, the color on these is amazing. Seriously, the blue is gorgeous and due to the feathering of the color towards the center it blends with my natural green so easily, that it *almost* looks natural. I'm sure that if someone wasn't familiar with circle lenses were talking to me, they would think I just had crazy cool blue-green eyes, but being familiar with them, you can def tell that I'm wearing them. The limbal ring is there and it's black, but it's not too thick and it also blends well with the blue, which gets darker as it goes towards the outer edges.

Overall, I am incredibly happy with these lenses! They are so awesome, the color is beautiful, they're amazingly comfortable, and best of all they were free!

I'll be back tomorrow (er-later today) with the other review, some gets and some coords!

'Til then,


  1. They are looking great on your green eyes! x3

  2. Wow the lenses look great on you ^^ I'm glad to hear that they're comfortable, because I have these in Violet but haven't worn them yet.

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