Thursday, July 5, 2012

Agejo Day and Gal A/W 2012 Collections

Yesterday I didn't do much. Even though it was 4th of July, I stayed at home and hung out with my fiance and Caleb. We watched Cars and went to the park and had pizza for dinner. Exciting stuff. However, in my hermitage, I decided to dress up in koakuma. Although I have been gal for a few years, I have never had the urge or want to do agejo. It's not that I hate the style or anything, it's just I don't (or didn't) like it for me. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked my boho-akuma (I had to, teehee) look that I put together today.

Maxi dress: Target
Hair flower: handmade
Necklaces: and the farmer's market

Ignore my dumb hand that decided to make an appearance. I'm wearing my Geo Xtra Flowers' in this picture. 

I even agejo'd my phone, haha. 

This app is called [+]Home and it's available on the Google Play for Android store! I got it per Lolo's advice - it's what she uses, and her phone screenshots are always adorbs. The developers have a ton of cute themes - some are free, some are paid. They're all cute, however the paid ones are cuter (ofc)

I ended up changing later because we went to the park and Caleb was trying to rip my top down (☼Д☼)


Now is the time where designers debut their fall/winter collections for the year. There were a few nice collections, but as a whole I was particularily unimpressed.
The full collections can be viewed at FashionSnap. I'll be doing rundowns of the collections next post.

Till later,


  1. You look cute, grrl! <3 I love agejo style and I think it suits you ^w^

  2. ; o ; I really love your hair and that second coord is just aaaaaaa ♥♥

  3. Omg Q___Q i fall in love! Your Makeup & hairstyling look so awesome! &(!) i love this outfit

    greez from germany