Sunday, July 15, 2012

These past few days.

Hey all (*゚▽゚)ノ

To be honest, these past few days since I last blogged haven't been too interesting. My Fiancé worked all week, so it was just Caleb and I at the house.

On Thursday, Caleb had a follow-up appointment at the doctor's to get a couple more shots that he needs to start daycare. He was pretty upset afterwards, but after about 5 minutes he was fine.

Later that evening, we all went to DQ to get shakes. They're having this thing right now where if you donate $1 to CHOC (Children's Hospital Orange County), you get to write your name on a hot air balloon, and they hang them from the ceiling. Of course, among all the "John's" and "Mary's" and other names, some people write down names of famous people to be funny.

These were my favorites. I especially like how "Napoleon Bonaparte" misspelled his own name ;)

I wore this code one day of the week. I don't remember which one, hahah.

Nothing really worth mention happened on Friday.
Saturday morning, on the way to take Christian to work, Caleb fell asleep in the car with a very serious look on his face. It was cracking me up, so I took a picture of it:


I also got sushi and udon for lunch that day. I hadn't had Japanese food for a while, so I was super happy.

Not even gonna lie, today was my favorite day of this week. We went to the mall! I tried a more otona look today; I can feel that is where my personal style is headed right now.

Here is my face and my hair. You can never go wrong with a good ol' topknot. The turban is a vintage scarf. Luckily I have a pretty extensive vintage scarf collection, so it's fairly easy to find one to coordinate with what I'm wearing at the moment.

all pieces are from different boutiques

At the mall, I got a few things.

A new mint green phone case, because my pink one was getting dingy. It looked more orange than pink :/ One thing about my new one, though, is that it is silicone and part of it touches my phone's screen, and my phone trips out because it thinks it is being touched by a finger, so the screen never dims. I'll need to always remember to hit the lock button when I put my phone down now, lest my battery be drained.

I also got this tiny daruma (達磨) doll phone charm from Tokyo: Japanese Lifestyle. For those of you that are wondering what a "daruma" doll is, it is a small trinket named after Bodhidharma, who was the originator of the Zen sect of Buddhism. Daruma is the Japanese transliteration of the Indian name/word "Dharma." Daruma dolls represent good luck and success as a result of perseverance. They are often accompanied by the saying "Nanakorobi yaoki" (七転び八起き) which means "fall down seven times, get up eight," which tells you to persevere and never give up! I got it for myself to remind me to follow my dreams and to never let anyone put me down for it, because if I fall, I'll just get back up, brush myself off, and continue doing me.

Lastly, I got eyelid tape. The owner of Tokyo looked at me funny while I was checking out with it, probably because I'm not Asian. HAHAH.

I have hooded (or heavy) eyelids, and they look saggy and weird if I don't use eyelid tape. I accidentally got the slim kind, which are smaller than normal eyelid tape, and they don't prop my lids up as nice. Oh well, I'll get some next week since I have to go to the mall again anyway to get Caleb a backpack for day-care.

Anyway, that's all for now! Hope you enjoyed reading and stay tuned for my next post (likely a tutorial but that's all dependent on how lazy I'm feeling ≧∇≦)