Monday, August 27, 2012

So You Wanna Start Dressing Gyaru? Common Misconceptions About This Not-as-Particular-as-You-Think Fashion Movement.

This is a topic that has been on my mind for a couple years now. I've always wanted to talk about it but I didn't have a blog until the beginning of this year and then kept forgetting to write about it.

 Well, here I am finally writing about it! These are questions that I see literally every day on tumblr, any of the five and a half million FaceBook groups, and any other gyaru forum that I may or may not be a member of (< . < ) *shifty eyes*

Do I have to be Asian to be gyaru?
NO. Gyaru is not about race. It's not about religion, sex, sexual orientation, background, or what-ever-the-fuck-else you want to think it's about. The origin of the style in the late '80s was about defying the norm, standing out, and not being afraid of who you are. The gyaru girl exudes confidence and isn't afraid of criticism because at the end of the day, she knows who she is and that is what is important.

Isn't gyaru just about Asian girls wanting to look white?
Refer to my above answer. Gyaru is not about race. Some might say it is, and yes, there are girls out there who get plastic surgery and do blah blah whatever in order to make their features more Caucasian-looking BUT that is the same in any community. Look at celebrities around the globe and you'll see that it is not exclusive to gyaru.

Do I have to wear false lashes to be gyaru?
Yes and no. One of the key points of gyaru makeup is making your eyes look big, and false lashes have a big hand in that. If you're allergic to the latex in lash glue, there are latex-free versions available. If you're allergic to something else in the glue, you might want to look into eyelash extensions. It's expensive, but it lasts for months and the health of your eyes is more important. Bottom false lashes are not a necessity. I don't wear them because I haven't found a style yet that I like enough to want to purchase or re-purchase. Many Japanese gals don't wear false lashes either - JELLY model Miho Ishigami is one that I can think of off the top of my head.

Do I have to wear circle lenses to be gyaru?
This one is a subjective answer. It's all based on personal preference. Some people say yes, some people say no. I say no, you don't have to, but I do believe that it adds a certain finish to the overall look. Once again, a key point of gal is enlarging the eyes, and circle lenses do just that.

Do I have to have long nails, a tan, and long, curly, blonde hair?
Not unless you're going for a kuronba look, and even then the only prerequisite is a tan (kuro = black aka tan skin). I feel like newbies to the style have this image in their head of a tan, long nailed, blonde, curly haired MA*RS-clad girl as the epitome of gyaru. This is not true. Gyaru has come a long way since the '90s, and even 2007, haha :)

Do I have to use Japanese cosmetics to be gyaru?
Nope! If you want to, go ahead. But it's definitely not a necessity. I don't use any Japanese cosmetics at the moment because I'm not in need of any new makeup. When I run out of my current BB cream, I do want to try the Sana Pore Putty BB Pact, though, and I do plan on buying some other things.

Do I have to wear Japanese brands of clothing to be gyaru?
NO! You don't! Once again, I don't own any Japanese brand clothes. I buy all my stuff on the cheap from stores like Forever 21, Target, and secondhand stores.

What music can I listen to to be more gyaru?
There's no such thing as "gyaru" music! Listen to whatever you want to.

I can't be gyaru because I'm fat.
You can be gyaru at any weight. It's about dressing for your body type. If you're self-conscious about parts of your body, find ways to work around them and accentuate what you love. It's about being comfortable with yourself at any size.

What if I get posted on g_s?
Haters gonna hate, it's an inevitability. If someone posts something about you, you'll survive.

What if people think I'm weird because I like gyaru?
OH QURL. Everyone thinks I'm weird as fuck for liking gyaru. My family most of all (my biological family - my fiance and his fam could care less as long as I'm not out snorting cocaine off of a stripper's ass LMAO. Yeah, just went there). Anyway, I DGAF and tell them to mind their own fucking business. I'll defend this shit to my grave.

Do I have to like MA*RS and d.i.a to be gyaru?
Nope! There are many different substyles of gyaru and a niche for everyone :)

Do I have to follow the trends in gyaru magazines?
Nope! Experiment with your style. The magazines are more of a guideline anyway about what is most popular. There's such a wide range of gyaru - it's impossible to contain it all in a few magazines. The basic rule is: If you don't feel comfortable wearing something, don't wear it.

Can I do another style (like Lolita, Dolly, Fairy, and Cult Party-kei to name a few) and gyaru only part-time?
Why not? Plenty of gals do. I do. I have a HUGE softspot for Mori Girl and Dolly Kei.

Do I have to wear gyaru every day?
If you want to, go ahead. But no, it's not necessary. Not even famous gals wear it every day.

Are gyaru and ulzzang the same thing?
NEVER say this to a die-hard gal because they will verbally rip your ears out and stab you in the ear drums HAHA.
I'm not kidding.

Anyway, that's it for now because I have run out of questions!

Here's a couple pictures of some coords that I've done within the past week

(taken from my CODENOTE)
This one ranked 3rd in the Gyaru category on CodeNote :)

Here's some make shots 

I also cut 2in (4cm) off of my hair!

Caleb was acting silly with my purses. He likes to "be like mommy" and wear them, :P

The diaper that he is wearing in this picture is sushi print ^o^

AAAND Finally, I did a new set of nails, this time they're short and square instead of long and almond shaped. They're much easier to do stuff with, but I miss my long ones ;^;

I know you like my cool tat, it gets me 20% off at Long Beach Clothing Company, LOL. LONG BEACH FO LYFE.

Anywho that's all for now! I filmed a couple tutorials that I still have to edit, so I'll try and get those up tomorrow~

Talk to you all later


  1. xDDD omgg!! I loved everything you said!! specially the ulzzang part XDD haha!

  2. hahaha right! that has to be biggest pet peeve!

  3. Ohhh man holy shit. Finally found your blog even though we been following each other on instagram for a while lulz :D HAI <3 I'm sure you'll recognize me:3
    Oh dude, I'm no where near Gyaru but I would never ask those dumbass questions, like come on...What music should I listen to to be more Gyaru? LOL? What does that even mean...LOL oh mann I lol'd at this post!! People ask stupid things..but i bet you helped a lot of 'gals' in training xD
    You got some cute outfits girl, grats on being ranked 3rd :) You 'da bes'.

  4. Hahahahah girl I laughed so hard with this, it's so true!! XD
    Can I have your permission to translate this and repost it (crediting and linking back to you, of course) in Spanish, on my blog? These misconceptions are so common I think I'd useful to share your explanations! :)

  5. Right! That is like my biggest pet peeve!

  6. i enjoyed reading this post! i am actually in the experimental level. thanks for the tips!

  7. Hey~ it's you! Yeah, you wouldn't believe the things that some people ask, it's almost comical! And thanks about the outfits! I checked out your blog, and you have some nice ones too!

  8. LOL I think it's illegal to laugh this hard before noon XD
    Caleb is going to become the most fabulous mini gyaru-o, IT'S INEVITABLE!

    Snorting coke off a stripper's ass. :') Do you have something to tell us, Melissa~?

  9. thank you so much for this post. ^^ even though i figured out what type of gyaru i want to be, i was still worried that i'm "doing it wrong" somehow. v_v especially since i haven't started posted pictures of coordinations yet...i'm still somewhat shy. x_x;

    but reading this helps me realize that it's okay to do what i need to do in order to become gyaru. :3 thank you! and haha at the ulzzang comment. XD it's pretty much true!

    uh oh~ looks like caleb's going to be a future gyaru-o~ :D

    thank you again for this post! sorry this comment is ridiculously long. i have a lot of feelings apparently. >_>;

  10. Wow, I'm currently a wannabe Gyaru and this makes it so much easier and makes me want to be gyaru even more...!! Best post I've read of a Gyaru blog in so so long! Thank you!

  11. Wow! I'm glad I could help you, and thanks for the compliment :)

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