Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hey dolls!
Today I'm writing about one of my forever favorite gal brands: DURAS! DURAS is another "adult sexy" brand, run by director Maki Kudo (who is breathtakingly gorgeous, btw).

Kirei Makiiii~chan!
The feel of the brand (to me) is glamourous, resort-type wear with a bit of a boho edge (which is totally my theme). Beige, white, tan, and other Earth tones usually make up the color scheme, with lots of rich fabrics such as linen, silk, and sequin detailing are not out of place in this luxe gal brand. DURAS does weigh in on the higher-priced side of gal brands, but the quality and design of the pieces is impeccable.
While I'm not exactly sure of the theme of this season's collection because I can't read Japanese, it seems to be very glamour-centric. Lots of furs, leather, felt hats, and expensive detailing. I. Am. In. Love. Maki never ceases to amaze me with what she comes up with for her brand.

On to pictures from the lookbook~ 

The one piece on the left is a DURAS staple: Linen mini-dress with bell sleeves. And I am as crazy about it as ever.

The fur vest paired with those white jeans and boots *.* and that diamond sequined shift, aah~

I love those earrings, the hat, and the fur. Eff, I just love it all.

BLACK. Need I say more?

 This collection, you guys don't know what it does to me. I need it. All of it, and I need to be Maki Kudo's bff.

I would love to stay and chat, but I'm queuing this post and it's almost 3AM and I am delirious from lack of sleep, so I am going to go to bed right now. I'll talk to you dolls later<3

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