Monday, September 10, 2012

[LIP SERVICE AW 2012] Get the Look!

Hey everyone~

Now that we're in the 2nd week of September, I can officially say that Fall is here (well, almost. The official Fall start date is September 22)! And you all know what that means...the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks! hahahahahahaha

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It also means TIME FOR FALL FASHION! Yaaaaaay~

Today, we're going to take a look at Lip Service's Fall collection.
 Lip Service, if you are unfamiliar with the brand, is a sexy, "Lady Conscious" adult-style gyaru brand aimed at girls in their 20's who want to stay on-trend while opting for a more mature and sophisticated look, while looking sexy and still undeniably GAL.


The brand's  theme this season is titled "Dark Beauty." ViVi mag's Elli-Rose is one of the featured models in this look book. I'm unsure of the dark-haired model's name, if anyone knows who she is I'd love to know!


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One of my favorite shots. The bell sleeve on Elli-Rose's one piece are KILLER especially paired with that thigh high boot.

This collection definitely goes along with the "LA Street Fashion" trend that is prevalent in gal right now, but provides it in a more sophisticated way than the studded cut-offs and fringed tee's of GARULA and the like. To me, this collection feels incredibly SoCal-esque, and it brings me back memories when my friends and I used to go party every night of the week - these were the type of outfits we went for.

They give off a sophistication that wouldn't put them out of place around Rodeo Drive or the Hollywood Hills, with a touch of toughness, and even a vintage flair with the cuts of the garments and texture of the fabrics.

Of course, this one is my favorite look from the LS lookbook. Elli-Rose looks so chic and fabulously modern yet vintage AKA my life's ambition + I'm a sucker for anything burgundy, v-necked, and bishop-sleeved. This coordinate is basically my spirit animal.

Of course as we all know, gal burando is expensive ;^; and Lip Service is no exception. With prices of one-pieces starting at around ¥4000 to ¥5000 + whatever shopping service us westerners have to use in order to place orders from Japanese clothing stores, unless you're uber rich or have a sugar daddy it can be hard to afford an entire closet full of LS dresses, coats, shoes, etc. 

Luckily, for poor folk like myself there is a wonderful thing called "The Internet," and on this "Internet" it is easy to replicate a certain look for a lot less than it's brand counterpart.

I put these coordinates together using Polyvore. Each item costs <$50 USD (because that's the lowest that Polyvore would let me go xD and except for the Lita's in look 3)

Lip Service Get the Look 1

Lip Service Get the Look 2
Lip Service Get the Look 3

Lip Service Get the Look 3 by melissa-flathers featuring platform booties

I would personally wear the SHIT out of all three of these coordinates. I love the texture clash of the leather jacket to the lace dress from look one - I love adding tough details to otherwise feminine silhouettes and textures. Look two is something that I would wear during the day to go out shopping and catch lunch or walk around downtown with some friends. Look 3 is what I would wear out on a date with my man, to a bar, or to a party. I would rock the wide brimmed hat at night too, just because it's dark out doesn't mean I can't wear it ;)

 Now it's your turn~ Tell me in the comments below about what your favorite collections are this fall! What collections do you want to see me feature on the blog? 

Also, one last thing before I go: I'm in desperate need of a new pair of sunglasses. I've picked out these few pairs from from F21 - which do you think I should get?

I can't decide! I love all 3 pairs. Help?


  1. I love fall fashion so much! It's my favorite time of year even though I hate the cold haha.
    Love the outfits you put together~

  2. I really love look one ;w; must try something similar to this, and yes Starbucks pumpkin spice latte! Delicious ♥ ♥

  3. I actually don't drink coffee anymore, but my friend works at Starbucks and she had me try their Tazo Chai Tea Iced Latte (which I loved to begin with) with some of the pumpkin spice syrup added. It is HEAVEN.

  4. Thank you! Hahahaha I'm like running around singing "It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeeeearrr~~~" even though I live in Southern California and it's not going to be cold until like the day before Christmas because that's how Mother Nature rolls down here xD