Friday, September 14, 2012

Photo Friday/InstaFriday!

Hey everyone. I thought I'd add a Photo/InstaFriday series to my blog, showing you dudes and dudettes what my week was like IN PICTURES!

Most, if not all, of my pictures were taken from my Instagram.

We'll start out with last Friday, 09.27.12

 Caleb thought it would be funny to steal my Starbucks while I was in the bathroom. It's only a green tea lemonade, and he only took a few sips before I chased him down and wrestled it from his hands. He may be not even 2, but he is a fast little sucker.

Saturday, not much went on. I painted my nails neon pink with a silver accent finger and later that evening after Caleb went to sleep, Christian and I picked up some beer and watched The 13th Warrior. VIKING HERITAGE FTW.

I've been doing a darker make style recently and I actually like it a lot more than I would

Blue Moon is my favorite type of beer.

Sunday came and Caleb woke up super early. I let him have some nakey time while I washed his diapers. 

I got this cool two-finger ring last week but never showed it off
 We later ran a few errands when it cooled off toward the evening.


Caleb's OOTE (outfit of the evening)


 On Tuesday I ran some errands and got my favorite fall Starbucks drink, a Venti Iced Chai latte with 4 pumps pumpkin syrup and easy ice.

Caleb and I traded lunches on Wednesday. This is what we each started out with:

A ham and cheese wrap for me
Caleb had fruit salad, yogurt, ham roll ups, and a cobb salad with a cup of milk
 He later decided that he would rather eat what I had, so I gave him my other wrap.

Yesterday. I started out my day with a cup of loose green tea and an English muffin with butter and cream cheese

I cleaned my dresser out and found this shirt that I could use for possible 46/ora/ane coordinates.

I found this scarf at the 99c store and I liked it, so I bought it. It was only 99c after all.

I also cleaned the glue off of my lashes.

This morning, we got up around 9 am, took our gummie vitamins (Caleb loves them) and ate breakfast. This is what Caleb had:

PB sando, sugar cube melon, ham roll ups, and cottage cheese
His 2nd birthday is coming up in two weeks (eep!), so I did a bit of party planning. We still have to order the cake, but as far as invitations, food, deco, and place, we're all good.

Last, but not least, is my OOTD from today.

Outfit rundown:
Top; Forever 21
Belt; Forever 21
Wedges; Classified
Shorts; Offbrand
Bag; Juicy Couture
Jewelry; Vintage
Watch; Rolex
Hair Flower; Handmade.

Oh and before I forget, here's the link to my post on the new Daily_Gyaru comm on LiveJournal. A big thanks to Sazh and Imke for creating the new comm page!

Here's a bonus webcam picture of me doing my "host face" * 3*

Do I look like a host? Ahahahaha. No, not a hostess, a host.


That's all for this InstaFriday post! Talk to you later, guys and dolls<3

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