Thursday, September 20, 2012

Video Post: What's in my bag!

Hey dolls!
If anyone knows anything about me, it's that I love handbags. It's a bad obsession. My fiance thinks I'm a purse hoarder, and our closed is filled with boxes of my purses.

Naturally, that also means I love filling my purses! And I love seeing what other people keep inside theirs. It gives me a little bit of insight as to what kind of person they are, ahaha. You can tell many things from the contents of one's handbag.

Anyway, I decided to film a "What's in my bag" video, and here it is!

 Being a TAG video, I of course tagged 5 of my lovely galfriends. I tagged Kelsey, Lolo, Shun, Ninoshka, and Pepa and they're ALL going to make a video showing me what they keep with them too :)

Well, they better....or else >.>

Aahahah I'm only joking. Kind of.

Here's a closeup of my make today, taken with my webcam, so it is of the utmost quality of course x)

I've been focusing on more 46 style makeup lately, and I've really missed my usual onee style, so I decided to do it today, and add a nice red lip for fall (not that I need fall as an excuse to wear a red lip). I love that bold colored lips have been trending these past couple seasons, because my lipstick collection is like 85% bold colors!

Anywho, that is all for now. I'm going to try and post a coord of mine per day, but I don't always leave the house because I am a hermit, so that might not work out, ahah.

ALSO! Tell me in the comments section below, on my youtube, via tumblr ask box, formspring, or twitter what you would like to see me make videos of! I'm thinking a hair tuto next~

I'll talk to you dolls later,

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