Friday, October 12, 2012

Caleb's Birthday Party; Small Update and Circle Lens Wishlist (Sponsors? :0 )

Hey dolls~

I haven't been very busy lately, just slackin' on blogging again x). I'm procrastinating at the moment; I'm supposed to be writing an article about Gal Mama life for the November issue of GALVIP magazine. My article is due on the 15th, but I'm totally brain-dead right now v.v
I have my topics written down and junk, but the proper wording is just escaping me at the moment, so instead I'll just give you all a little update.

Not this last weekend, but the weekend before it we had Caleb's 2nd birthday party. It was really fun! Our friends and family came to celebrate my baby's birthday and he really loved it.

Mr. Handsome in his party outfit! Tie dye shirt by me, shorts, and his Muno Vans

My hair, make, and coord for the day. I tie-dyed my shirt to match Caleb's :3

I made Funfetti cupcakes for the party. They were ugly, but delicious. I guess watching all those episodes of DC Cupcakes and Cupcake Wars don't automatically make you a cupcake expert ~~

My dad brought food, a looooot of delicious Mexican food from his friend's restaurant, SuperMex! Pictured is HALF of a giant shredded beef burrito, and beef and chicken taquitos. Not pictured is 1000lbs of cheese enchiladas, rice, beans, salsa, guacamole, and chips.

Here he is eating his cupcake. He decided that after he blew out the "2" candle, he wanted to use it as a fork. It was his birthday after all.

Four of our friends live together (2 couples), and one of the girls works at Ikea, so they went to Ikea to get Caleb's gifts (Ikea is awesome, so we don't mind, ahah) and they got him this cool 100cm shark plush, and a train set with tracks and 4 trains! He looooves the trains so much it's ridiculous.

Last Thursday, Caleb had his 2 year check up at his pediatrician's office. This is what I wore (gah, my hallway lighting sucks ballz but my room was laundryland so I didn't want to take pictures in there. "Conventional" makeup that day because I wanted to.

Sooooooo strong!

Caleb now weighs 32lbs, 11oz and is 38" tall. He's the average height for a 3.5 year old, ahahah~ He did so good at the doctor. He didn't even cry when he got his flu shot or when he got his finger pricked for his anemia test.

Later that day at home, I heard a shuffling sound and found Caleb walking around in my flip flops x)

This has nothing to do with anything in my post, but this was my look from yesterday. We went to Starbucks and then the park and Caleb got to play with a little girl his age named Riley. She was super cute, and they played together really well. I'm going to start taking him to the park for an hour every day now that it's cooling down. It's a great way for him to run around and burn off excess energy so he's more mellow at home. He's been sleeping better these past two park days as well, which is not only good for him, but for my sanity as well ahahahah~~~~

This is a little circle lens wishlist that i put together. These are the styles and colors that I am most anxious to try. 

pictures taken from LensVillage's website

PS, if any store is looking for someone to sponsor............well, I love circle lenses, I have green eyes and I love taking pictures of myself and making videos, so holla at yo' gurrrlll!
My contact information can be found here

That's it for now! I'm planning on making a series of Pretty Little Liars inspired makeup tutorials, because I am obsessed with that show, so stay tuned for that (whenever I actually decide to do it x) )

Oh, and I guess today is International Gyaru Day, so I should probably do something gal-related. But that would require me to style my hair today, so we'll see.
Also, it's (Kanae Watanabe's birthday today~ 
Happy birthday to this gorgeous lady!

I'll talk to you later, dolls~


  1. Awee! Happy birthday Caleb<3 I know I have said this before but I have to say it again.. he is your TWIN! The matching tie dye is so adorable<3 You look hot m'lady as usual!

  2. Ahh Caleb is so cute - love your matching outfits!!

    Jesss xo