Monday, November 26, 2012

A Picture Guide to Nose Contouring

By now, I think we all know about the importance of nose contouring in gyaru makeup. I made a quick picture tutorial a few weeks ago on how I do my nose contouring. It was supposed to be a video, but my webcam software has decided to glitch up whenever I try to record a video.

Let's get started!

Product List (feel free to use alternatives, these are just the products I use):

Maybelline CoverStick concealer in White
- Prestige eyshadow in 023A (matte white)
- La Femme Sparkle Dust in #21 (shimmery white)
- Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals mineral foundation in Medium/Deep

This is the "chart," I guess, of where I will apply the product. Orange is contour, mint is highlight.

Step 1. Take the domed shading brush and dip it in the contour product. Tap off any excess.

Step 2. Apply contour from the beginning of your eyebrow, down the sides of the bridge of your nose. Repeat on the other side.

Optional Step 2b. If you have a prominent (read; large) nose like I do, you can bring the contour down around the tip of your nose, and that will make it appear smaller.

Step 3. Apply the white concealer to the bridge of your nose, from between your eyebrows down to the tip of your nose. Only use a little bit, though. A little goes a long way.

Step 4. Blend out using your fingers.

Step 5. Take the flat shading brush, and dip it in the matte white shadow. Apply it over the white concealer to set it and bring out the highlight more.

Step 6. Take the shimmery white shadow, and use just what's in the cap! You don't need much of this stuff. Dip the powder brush in it, and accentuate JUST the middle of your bridge. Don't bring it up between your eyes or down to the tip of your nose, because it will make your nose look oily. Just a little in the center really helps accentuate the hightlight.

Step 7. Take the powder brush again, and use it to blend everything out, so that there are no harsh lines anywhere. Blend it out as much or as little as you like, but be aware that too dramatic of a contour/nose stripe has a tendency to look a little clownish, or can make your skin look dirty, so use discretion on this one.

And that's it! This is what my contour looks like finished. Hope you enjoyed this mini-tute and next time, I'll be posting my review of the Heroine Make Mineral BB Cream, so stay tuned!

Later dolls,


  1. Uhhhh!! thank youuuu!!! I always try but end up looking stupid ><.. now I know why, cause I didn't go all the way to my eyebrow with the broonzer ><!! :D!

  2. Hey! It looks great! I've seen different ways to do it according to face shapes and such but I've never seen the finishing touch you gave it with the shimmery shadow!

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    Hi hun ! I've given your blog an award ! Check it out :

  4. Yeah, I feel like the shimmer gives it a certain "finish," at least for me. I also put it on my inner corners, brow bone, cheek bones, and cupid's bow on my upper lip.

  5. Hahahah no problem! When I first started contouring I did that too, but after reeeeallllyyyy looking at pictures of J-gals I finally got it.