Thursday, November 15, 2012

Caleb and My Adventure to Little Saigon!

Hey everyone!
Sorry I haven't blogged in about a month, I've been boring and not doing anything

Today I did something, though! Caleb and I went on a little adventure. In Garden Grove, where I live, there is a section of town referred to as "Little Saigon," because there's a large population of Vietnamese that live there. Actually, there's a lot of different Asian ethnicities that live/have businesses there. It's an almost equal split of Vietnamese and Korean and there are even some Japanese that live/work there as well.
Anyway, it's a melting pot of all the different Asian cultures and I think it's real neat. I've lived in Garden Grove for two and a half years and I had never been down to that part of the city, so I decided to make a day of it today, and Caleb of course accompanied me.

To start out, here's my COTD

Dress: Forever21
Scarf: Forever21
Belt: Forever21
Hat: ZiZiBeh
Tights: Betsey Johnson
Boots: Steve Madden
Bag (not pictured): Juicy Couture

We set off on the bus around noon and arrived to Little Saigon at about 12:45. During the trip there, I was seated next to an older Korean woman who told me I looked like a movie star. It totally made my day!

We went to this tea shop that I've been wanting to try, called Tastea, and we got drinks with boba in them. I got a Lychee Peachee tea which was green tea with peach juice and lychee and boba, and Caleb got a banana strawberry smoothie~
Caleb's coordinate. Top/Jacket: Star Wars | Pants: Carter's | Shoes: POLO

How cute, they have green boba
Both of our drinks were very yummy, I definitely recommend Tastea if you're ever in Little Saigon (or at the Block at Orange, they have a location there too!)

After that, we went to a Vietnamese market because I wanted to buy tapioca pearls so that I could make my own boba. It was really interesting in there, and I saw some fruits and other things that I've never seen before. My phone died while I was in there so I didn't get any pictures, but did you know that a JackFruit is as big as I am!? Crazyyyyy. I found the boba pearls and put them in my basket and I looked around a little bit more and found two whole aisles dedicated to tea. If anyone knows anything about me, it's that I am a tea freak. I love tea. I drink it all day long. It is my lifeblood, basically. I was really excited, and I picked out a couple teas to take home. I got Oolong (one of my personal faves) and Genmai-cha, which is a japanese green tea with roasted brown rice in it. It gives the tea a nice rich, nutty flavor and it's really delicious to drink.

Right next to the market was a purikura/gift shop! It's called Purikura Photosticker and it's really nice. There's lots of machines and they have good, new ones as well as older, more classic purikura machines. They also sell Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty goods, some false eyelashes, and circle lenses! The next time I have money, I am definitely going to buy a couple pairs that I had my eye on (one was EOS Sugar Candy in Gray and the other was a honey-brown pair, not sure of the model).

I have to admit something  - and it's kind of embarrassing - I had never taken purikura before today. I KNOW RIGHT! How could I? Well, I didn't know that there was a purikura place so close to me! My options were either Round One in LA or Sticki Picki in Irvine (which is a long way on the bus), but now that I know that Purikura Photosticker is in GG, I want to go all the time!

I chose the "Maya Mori" machine (it had her picture on it) and it was $10 to use. It was one of the "make your eyes super giant" machines, but it was only in Japanese, so the owner helped me figure it out. He's super kind and helpful. Caleb and I had a lot of fun taking our puri.

I look like I'm dancing in the right picture xD

Peace sign overload! At first, I didn't realize it was timed, so at the last minute I had to pick a random pose, and the first one to come to mind was the good ol' peace sign.

We had plenty of time to decorate them and overall I'm pleased with how they turned out for my first time. After that, we hit up Tastea one last time before going home.

Right now, I'm drinking a glass of Genmai-cha with homemade boba pearls in it and relaxing, and Caleb is sleeping. We had a really fun day. I'm going to try and see if I can drag my fiance with us one of these days to take family puri~~

Since I haven't updated for a while, I'm going to show you some of my recent CotD's!

Yesterday's coordinate. Got Starbucks and had a client for a color correction.
Top; Ross
Skirt; Forever21
Tights; Kensie
Boots; Steve Madden
Sunglasses; Target

A couple nights ago, quick run to the beauty supply because I had a client the next morning

Cardi/dress; Forever21
Scarf; Forever21
Belt; Forever21
Tights; Betsey Johnson
Boots; Ugg Australia
Bag; Juicy Couture

Election day! Blue, baby~

Hat; ZiZiBeh
Dress; Xhiliration (Target)
Belt; Forever21
Shoes; Chinese Laundry

3 weeks ago
Top; Ross
Lace Undershirt; Forever21
Shorts; Industrial Cotton
Shoes; Forever21
Bag; Juicy Couture

Also~ I knitted a Captain America hat for my man. Here's how it turned out!

Pretty cool, huh?
My business cards also came in. They're amazing and wonderful and beautiful.


That's all the updates for now! Next up I'm going to do a fall inspiration wishlist post thing, so stay tuned!


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  1. Your outfits are so adorable! and as i always say, quality > quantity with blog posts. Purikura! Aww :3