Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monday's Gets 19.11.12

Hey guys and dolls, how are you all doing this evening (or morning...or afternoon, wherever you are)?

I've been fairly busy these past few days. I had a lot of appointments, which in turn means that I made quite a bit of money :)
Monday, I went to the mall and spent a bit of my money on some things that I actually NEEDED for once (this is of course subjective, but in book I needed these things), instead of just frivolously throwing money in random directions, like I usually do.

I'll start by showing you my coordinate of the day

Coordinate Rundown
Top; Degree (from JC Penney)
Jeans; Joppa
Shoes; Chinese Laundry
Accessories;, 99c store

I needed some new underthings, so I stopped at Forever21. They're like one of the only places where one can find a 32C bra since it is an "irregular" size (most places stop manufacturing 32" bands after B cup).

Aren't they pretty?

Then I needed some new BB cream and lower lashes, so I went to Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle to find stuff there. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they're now selling circle lenses! I saw a few pairs that I liked, so I might get some the next time I go :3
After looking around a bit, I decided to get Heroine Make Mineral BB Cream SPF 34 PA++ in shade 01 (light) and Red Cherry #49 lower lashes.

Heroine Make always has really pretty packaging *////*
As I was checking out, the owner and manager were both at the front desk/cash register, and I talked with them for a few minutes because I was the only one in the store. The owner told me that my false eyelashes were beautiful and applied perfectly and I was like  She also asked me if I was gyaru and I said yes, and then the manager (he was about 30 and looked ex-gyaruo) proceeded to tell me that I'm the only gyaru who ever comes in, and most of their business is from kids or weaboos (he didn't say weaboo, he said 'anime-holic' LOL), which proves my point that there are no gyaru in north Orange County!! If you are gyaru in Orange County, I would like to meet you!

I also picked up a few things for my skin at the grocery store. Wait...did she just say grocery store? Yep!
I picked up organic raw honey, organic coconut oil, and organic raw apple cider vinegar :) I've been washing with the honey, toning with the apple cider vinegar (mixed with water), and moisturizing with the coconut oil for a few days and I can already see and feel a small improvement in my skin! I'll do a tutorial on my routine if anyone is interested!

That's all for now, as requested by lovely Lolo my next post will be a review of the Heroine Make Mineral BB Cream, once I get off of my lazy bum and put on makeup! I'll try to get that up either tonight or tomorrow.

Later, dollfaces.


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see the review~ hihi that's awesome they recognized you as a gal~ Its an awesome feeling <3

  2. I wanna hear about the Honey, Cinder and Coconut oil thing. Sounds interesting... and yummy!

  3. Aww your bras are so lovely! *_*
    I've never tried anything like that for my skin! What do you actually do with them?

  4. Im planning on making a post going into more detail, but here's the condensed version: •I use the coconut oil to remove my eyemakeup
    •Then, I apply the honey like a mask and leave it for a few minutes •After that, I rinse it off with warm water and pat my face dry
    •Spray the ACV/water toner on a cotton ball and pat it on my face •Last, I apply a bit more coconut oil all over my face as a moisturizer!
    That's basically it! I'll go more into detail about why it's so good for your face in the "master post" that im

  5. Oh i understand now, thanks for the explanation :3


  6. I live in South O.C.! But I am not a very good gyaru. ;~;

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