Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ageha Model Inspo

As much as I hate to admit it, lately I have been really into Agejo/Hostess style of gyaru. Not MA*RS. I still have a distaste for MA*RS (looks good on some people, but I find the brand as a whole is overrated). I've compiled a little list of inspo for myself, and I thought I'd share some with you.

Shizuka Mutou

Shizuka Mutou is a model for the magazine Ageha. She's gorgeous, and dresses so nicely but still keeping to the agejo aesthetic



Seira Mizuki

Another age-mo, Seira wears predominantly Rienda when featured in Ageha. She's very pretty. I think we kind of look alike, in an "if I were Japanese I think we'd look alike" kind of way. I also love Rienda, and look up to her style-wise.



Maria Kurotaki
Another Ageha model. I think she's half-Japanese, but I'm not sure. 



 Satomi "Satomin" Yakuwa

She always look so pretty and dainty, I just want to hug her!

 That's all for now! Next I'll show you brand inspo! I'm going to try and get a couple videos that I've been putting off done tomorrow, but we'll see. It's all depending on what time Caleb has his nap.

Later dolls


  1. I can picture you in agejo / hostess style! You would look lovely! (Even though you already look lovely as is ) and the maria gal looks like my friend moeko so much that it is kinda creepy!

  2. I REALLY love Shizuka, but I keep forgetting her name. XD Satomin looks like a cute little mouse. X3 Seira is also super-gorgeous.

  3. Omg that first image--absolutely stunning! >w<