Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gets and Spring Wants!

So, I really have been trying to update more frequently, I have! But, I'm kind of lazy sometimes and don't always want to put on makeup and take pictures or film videos. Plus, I'm still trying to find a good spot in my house to film in. So please bear with me!

Yesterday, I went to Ulta with my mother, because she wanted to buy some new makeup, and so did I. She ended purchasing a Bare Minerals starter kit, and I bought myself two products from NYX.

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer and Super Skinny Eye Marker
 Earlier in that day, I went to this awesome bead store in Long Beach. They sell other things besides beads as well, and everything in that store is fair trade from Tibet. Part of the money from that store goes back to Tibet to help benefit the people that live there. I'm obsessed with beads and jewelry design, so I had a field day inside there.

 I ended up just buying one bead for myself, a light jade Laughing Buddha. I also bought Caleb a faux turquoise bead, because he wanted it. He was walking around the store with it calling it a ball.

Buddha beads!

My necklace!
I was Buddhist for about 5 years, and Buddhist symbology still holds a place in my heart, so this bead really means a lot to me.

DURAS' SS13 collection has me all fjhdkas;jfieajvkdlnag! It was shot in LA, so it makes me feel even more warm and fuzzy inside, hahah. I can definitely relate to the feel of this collection and I want to own it all. 

 rienda SS13
rienda, of course, is a bit dressier than DURAS' collection this season. I love all the feminine accents that they're known for; soft colors, floral, lace, and lady-like silhouettes. 

And the pretty underthings from rienda suelta have me swooning as well <3
Some more good news for us Japanese brand shoppers and lovers:
The Japanese Yen has gone down to below 100¥ to $1USD, and it's expected to drop lower throughout these next weeks! That's very exciting, as it is the lowest it's been in years. This will make shopping overseas a bit easier for us in the US.

To round off this entry, here's a couple shots from my last week:

Top: Julie's Closet, Skirt: Target, Stockings: Target, Boots: Steve Madden

Caleb learning how to ride his tricycle.

Top is from JCP, Shorts are from Ross, Boots are UGG Australia

A watched pot DOES boil, actually. It just takes a very long time.

If anyone wondered what I look like under all that makeup...

Baby kombuchaaaaaa! I'm starting to brew my own. It's really easy, actually. It just takes about 5 weeks to go from nothing to kombucha, since I have to grow the mother on my own. Don't know what kombucha is? Here is it's Wikipedia article
 That's all for now, I'll talk to you all soon.
Later dolls!


  1. Rienda has already got me excited for their SS collection but now I'm super excited for DURAS as well! Seeing the sunshine in those picture makes me want to just drive to Cali right now! Love your coords and makeup as usual<3

  2. Hi. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Cheack out my blog to see it.