Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Introducing My New Sponsor: Kotsuki-Shop Circle Lens Store!

Hey everyone! Today I have some exciting news~

I have been chosen as a sponsoree (is that a word? I don't care, it is now) for a new circle lens store, Kotsuki-Shop!


Kotsuki-Shop offers 400+ styles of circle lenses, from all the popular and reputable brands at affordable prices. The lenses range in price from $19 - $26 USD and they ship internationally (except to countries Chad, Israel, Iraq, and Lebanon).

They accept all of their payments through PayPal, so you know it's secure.

They have many styles that fit a variety of looks whether you're into gyaru, lolita, or other Japanese fashions, ulzzang, cosplay, or if you just enjoy wearing circle lenses!


A small preview of their large selection!

Each pair of lenses comes with a free cute animal lens case for lens storage~

Also! Now that Ophelia Danger is officially partnered up with Kostuki-Shop, I can offer my readers and friends a code for a 15% discount off of your order! Just enter the code opheliadanger at checkout to redeem your discount.

click to go to the store, or check the link in my right sidebar!

Go ahead and give Kotsuki-Shop a visit! Also check out the store's FAQ or Contact page for any further questions, Miya is very helpful and prompt at responding to your questions!

Please note that shipping on any orders made through February 17th will be delayed due to Chinese New Year.

Happy shopping!

PS: I'm filming my Geo Xtra Sakura Grey review later today, so stay tuned for it!!

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