Monday, March 11, 2013

Birthday Party Fun!

slide fun!

Saturday was Caleb's betrothed (they're not really betrothed, but we just say that) P's 2nd birthday party.  We had so much fun, there was a bouncy castle, and cupcakes, and lots of fun things! These are a few pictures from the day (of us in the bouncy castle). We were just having so much fun, I didn't even take any pictures! These were taken by P's mom, A.

 You can't tell here, but I had small victory rolls in. They lasted the whole day, even after 3 hours in the bouncy castle! *The power of hairspray*

This was just a small update, thanks for reading!

Later dolls,


  1. Aww,how sweet!They really look like their enjoying themselves!I almost mistook the boys head in the 2nd picture for the girls chest.

  2. Well the girl in those pictures is me, so...yeah I would say we enjoyed ourselves xD