Friday, November 8, 2013

Thor: The Dark World & OOTD

Hey everyone! Tonight, I went out on a date with my fiancé
(and his best friendto see the new Thor movie, The Dark World.

I wore my VooDoo Vixens Pilot Dress for the first time since buying it and I spilled a soda and a ton of popcorn on it and it didn't stain or leave any marks so I'm pretty pleased with that! I have a few qualms about the button placement, though. Most of the buttons down the front are only decorative. There's like 5 or 6 actual functioning buttons, but they're placed fairly far apart from one another resulting in a (among other areas) gaping bust, which is no fun. They run small too, so I have to purchase mediums instead of smalls, and I would probably not recommend this dress to someone with a large bust.

The theater that we went to is right next to a comic book store, so I ducked in there to buy two comics for my mister that he had been wanting.

While checking out, the owner of the store and a customer told me that I looked like I should be a character in a comic book~
I was flattered, of course, and thanked them for the compliment. Our movie was starting soon, so we left the store, grabbed some snacks from concessions and found our seats.

An accurate picture of me at the movies, courtesy of Bitstrips

I thought it was very good although there were a lot of inconsistencies between the movie and the comic books, so I have been told. I haven't gotten to read the Thor series yet, and I plan on starting it soon. I love Norse mythology, being part Norwegian myself, and my ancestry really interests me. I've been told that the comic series has a lot of tie ins with the old legends and that makes me excited to start reading them! Plus, I love to read and haven't read anything new (to me) in a while.

I also tracked down the Bésame Cosmetics Signature Compact and ordered it from one of their online retailers, along with their Classic Color Lipstick in Bésame Red, and they should be delivered either Monday or Tuesday. I'm waiting incredibly impatiently, and obsessively checking the tracking information
(It's currently at a sorting facility in Chatanooga, Tennessee ^u^).

Alrighty dames and gents, that's my update for the evening! Don't forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram (@opheliadanger) and Twitter (@greenlikejuly_) for more frequent updates!

'Til next time,
xo Melissa

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