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Review: CS-426 Corset in Brocade and Black Cotton by Orchard Corset

This picture of me is like 6 months old :0

I first ordered my brocade CS426 in the beginning of May of this year. I had been waiting for a little bit and procrastinating on ordering just because I didn't like the selection of fabrics. Pinstripe really isn't me and poly-satin and I just don't get along (post coming soon on that!). When they announced the arrival of the brocade line, I jumped at the chance and ordered one with a 20" closed waist for myself.

It took only two days for it to arrive in the mail (because I had gotten priority shipping ohohoho~), and when it arrived, I nearly took the mailman's arms off, I snatched it from him so fast xD

My first time seasoning it~

The corset itself is ~13 inches on the front, and 11 inches on the sides. The center point comes up a bit too far for my liking, I much prefer the aesthetics of a more gentle point, or a rounded top. Being that I'm 5'2" tall and have a 10 inch torso, the 426 model is a bit too long on me. Not uncomfortably so, but their CS411 model is better suited to me length-wise. The underbust is 8 inches larger than the waist measurement, and the full hip is 12" larger than the waist measurement, making this corset most suited to those who have a natural hourglass figure. Pears will either have to add hip gores or lace looser at the hips to close the waist, and those with broader ribcage will either have to add rib gores, or lace unevenly as well.  The rib shape is conical (or wasp) waisted, so over time it will "train" your floating ribs into a more tapered shape.

After the two week breaking in period, it really starts to show its shape more beautifully. Once it's seasoned to your curves, the laces just ease right into place, wherever you're comfortable at.

The fabric and construction:
The fabric is a nice, texture-y blue and gold poly-brocade on a black background. It's a very unique fabric, and I receive compliments on it whenever I leave the house. It is a tad shiny, so if that's not your thing, then maybe this isn't the right fabric for you. The strength layer and liner are made with cotton twill. There is a waist tape in the construction and it is a 6-pAnel per side corset with a total of 24 bones, a mixture of spiral and flat steels. It features a flexible steel busk with 5 loop and pin pairs, and the long line length is great for lower tummy and hip control. The binding and lacing panels are both made with black satin, and it comes with an attached, unboned modesty panel. I personally find their modesty panels a pain in the ass, so I removed it. 

Another thing worth noting: while the construction is sound, the fact that they use poly-satin as opposed to cotton satin means that it is a tad weaker at any stress spots. I would recommend embroidering some decorative flossing over the lacing panels for extra protection. 

My black cotton 426 I received on behalf of Orchard Corset themselves, who sent it to me for review back in the beginning of September. I submitted my review to them personally and just hadn't had the chance to type the whole thing up. The construction is the same as the brocade and their other 426s', but this one is made entirely of black cotton twill. It's a very sturdy corset, more so than my brocade I think. This one took me closer to a month to fully break in. I got this one with an 18" internal measurement, and I probably won't be able to close it fully because the underbust measurement is 2" smaller than mine, but that's okay, I'm a fan of showing a lacing gap in the back. 

In this comparison shot, they're laced around the same. The 18" corset gives me a more dramatic shape, and the 20" corset gives more of a gentle curve.

All in all, I'd give Orchard Corset a 3.8 out of 5 stars. The product is good and inexpensive, but there needs to be more of a variety as far as length goes. Maybe they can take a suggestion from Isabella Corsetry who just recently released a "petite" version of their bestselling Josephine OTR corset, which is a full inch shorter than the standard. The modesty panel, I think, should be at least boned, if not both boned *and* floating, because if you're lacing yourself in, it has a tendency to become kind of a nuisance and flop around.  

That's all for now, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my review of the Orchard Corset CS-426 in Brocade and Black Cotton! My next corset reviews will be of their CS-411 model in Midnight Brocade, and MystiC City Corsets MCC38 in red satin with black lace overlay, so stay tuned!


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